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In the Japanese language, the term “Men” has always referred to noodles. Since 2015, the King of Mentopia, has allowed Exotic Noods to dip into the royal treasury, to bring our subscribers quality premium instant noodle dishes from around the world. Offering only the best varieties, with his permission we carefully curate our Noodle boxes, to make sure our patrons get only the most flavorful and unique instant noodles available, with four new choices offered every month.

The subjects of Mentopia live happy, well-fed lives ruled in benevolence by the good King, despite his endless campaign of conquest to acquire the best Men in the world. Aided and protected by his loyal Noodle Knights Sir Marcus of the Chopsticks and Sir Daniel of the Garnish, the King travels all over the world on his never-ending food quest. The news of his travels has spread, with the spoils of his victories added to the royal treasury of flavor quite regularly.

From Japanese Ramen, Yaki Soba and Udon to Korean Royal Banquet noodle soups or Curry from the Pacific Islands, plus much, much more, Exotic Noods is always striving to improve our selections for you, our patron.

It is thanks to people like you and many more across the United States (and overseas!), that we can continue our mission to provide foodies with unrivaled choices of delicious eats! What started as a far-off dream among three college roommates, has grown beyond our wildest dreams and expectations. And we still have a long way to go.

Our original mission statement was quite simple: Get awesome tasting noodles into the hands of people who normally can’t get them, whether it be due to busy schedules, their location, or simply because they never knew such types of instant noodles existed! And thus, ExoticNoods.com was born. After a thorough “testing” phase, we were ready to go! The foodie community took notice, and started helping us out immediately with your great feedback and suggestions. The customer is always right, and well, we have listened!

Thank you again for your patronage and ongoing support. On behalf of the Ramen Kings, we wish you and yours the happiest of meals and good company to enjoy them with! Cheers.

The Loyal Noodle Knights

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